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When is it the best time to prune trees?

While different species of trees have different care needs, when it comes to tree trimming or pruning, winter and early Spring are usually the best times of the year to get this job done. Benefits of Pruning Pruning helps maintain the health, vitally and structural integrity of your trees. There are many benefits to pruning … Read more

Do you need council approval to remove trees?

This is a really common question we get, and the answer is always, “it depends on where you live and on the type of tree you want to remove!” Every council has its own set of rules and regulations. The factors that determine whether you need permission to remove or prune trees include: Whether or … Read more

How can you tell if a tree is unsafe?

8 danger signs to look out for Fallen trees and branches can cause thousands of dollars damage to your property and put your family and loved ones at risk. So, how can you tell if a tree on your property is unsafe? Below are eight danger signs to look out for. #1 Damaged or broken … Read more