Do you need council approval to remove trees?

This is a really common question we get, and the answer is always, “it depends on where you live and on the type of tree you want to remove!” Every council has its own set of rules and regulations.

The factors that determine whether you need permission to remove or prune trees include:

  • Whether or not your property has environmental protection overlays
  • Whether or not your council has local laws in place to protect native vegetation
  • Whether or not your council has a significant tree register
  • Whether or not you live in an area at risk of bushfires

You can read an in-depth article about trees and local laws here:

Find the tree removal rules in your area

There is a lot of variation in council laws relating to tree works across Melbourne. Some councils, such as the City of Whitehorse, are extremely strict and require an arborist report for nearly all tree removal works. Others, such as the City of Darebin, have very few tree removal restrictions.

We have prepared these handy links below so that you can check the rules for your area. Remember, regulations can and do change, so it’s always worth double checking with your council just before you remove any trees on your property.

Handy local council links

Still not sure? We can help

Some councils have clearer guidelines than others. If you’d like to speak to us about what your local council will allow you to do, we’re ready to help. We always check the latest rules and local laws before we conduct any tree works on your property. If your council requires an arborist report, we can help you through this process too.