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Are you looking for an experienced and highly recommended arborist in Melbourne? Our arborists are some of the most experienced and trusted tree professionals in the business.

We conduct tree assessments, prepare arborist reports and help with all your tree care and tree removal needs. Avoid the pitfalls of unsound advice and unsafe tree practices by speaking to a respected industry professional today.

What is an Arborist?

An arborist is a qualified professional trained in arboriculture: the science of tree care and management. Arboriculture includes the study of how trees grow naturally, and how they respond to interventions such as fertilisation, pest and disease control, pruning and shaping.

Arborists are also known as tree doctors or tree surgeons because of the expertise they have in diagnosing and managing a range of tree health issues, treating tree diseases, and resolving pest infestations.

Arborist Report

Arborist reports are required by council for building and development projects and sometimes for permission to remove trees. In some cases, a written arborist report is even required for tree pruning. The two most common arborist reports are Health and Condition Assessments for tree removal permits and Impact Assessments for building development approvals.

Local councils across Melbourne have different rules and processes for permit applications. Our arborists can guide you through the requirements in your local area.

Read more about arborist reports here.

How Can an Arborist Help?

Only a qualified professional arborist can give you the best advice about how to care for trees, optimise their health, or remove them safely. Arborists are also up to date with all of Melbourne’s state and local laws for tree removal and tree pruning. This means you can speak to an arborist and get expert advice – at no cost and with no obligation.

Arborist Tree Care Services

A tree is a complex, living organism which needs certain conditions to stay healthy. Our arborists provide full tree care services including:

  • Pruning and tree surgery
  • Cabling and bracing
  • Pest and disease control and
  • Fertilisation and soil conditioning

Our arborists can give you expert advice on how to manage the long-term vitality, health and safety of your trees. Keeping trees healthy is important because a distressed, diseased or dying tree is a dangerous tree. Unhealthy trees can unexpectedly drop limbs, causing property damage and threatening the safety of people and animals on your property.

They are also more likely to fail during a storm event or heavy winds. Find out more about our tree services here.